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Bois Ligatures for Clarinet & Saxophone
Bois Ligatures
We are sorry to say that these are no longer being made
A fantastic new and unique ligature design (patent pending) liberates Clarinet and Saxophone players from the problems of the past. No more dampened sound due to screw-down reed positioning. No more fluctuating tonal quality. No more time-consuming reed changes. Bois Ligatures delivers a better way to play in the 21st century.

New from Bois - Excellente Ring Ligature  
The Excellente Range of Ligatures from Bois.
Taking the Bois Ring Ligature to a whole new level
The new Excellente line of ligatures has the same great tonal quality, reed stability and optimum vibration that you have come to expect from Bois Ligatures, while also boasting these great features:

  • A more mellow and smooth sound
  • Effortless intervals (from mid-register to high upper-register)
  • Notes in the high register are easier to keep in tune
  • Pianissimos controlled better, in tune, with good tone quality and easier to support
Models Mouthpiece Type Bois Excellente Alto Sax Ligature
Alto Saxophone Metal
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Bois Ligature for Clarinet and SaxophoneBois Ligatures for Clarinet & Saxophone    Testimonials    Bois Ligatures for Clarinet & SaxophoneBois Ligature for Clarinet and Saxophone
Al Hamme: Woodwind Artist, Clinician, Conductor, Arranger, Composer, Professor at Binghamton University, Director of the Cornell Jazz Ensemble
I have been playing on Bois ligatures for the last four or five months and I am very pleased with the product. The reed seems to vibrate a lot freer than with other ligatures and the result is that articulation and tone quality are greatly improved. I also believe that these ligatures have helped improve the intonation throughout the range of the instruments (I am using them on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones as well as clarinet). The tonal quality and intonation in the altissimo register of the clarinet has especially improved for me. I use Jody Jazz mouthpieces on alto and tenor saxophones. I found that I couldn't use a single ligature on these mouthpieces since Jody Jazz mouthpieces are quite different in design and size than those made by other companies. Therefore, I am using two Bois ligatures on each of these instruments. On tenor I am using the Bois metal tenor size for the bottom of the reed and the Bois soprano size for the top of the reed (on a Jody Jazz "ESP"). On Alto I am using a Bois clarinet ligature for the bottom of the reed and Bois metal alto size for the top of the reed (on a Jody Jazz "Classic"). On both of these set-ups I experience the same freeness as I get with soprano and clarinet; and the articulation from the bottom of the horn through the altissimo register is as precise as I experience on clarinet.

William S. Carson, D.M.A -- Chair, Department of Music -- Director of Bands, Coe College
The Bois ligature works like many more expensive ligatures, but without the moving parts. It's more durable than traditional ligatures, and nearly indestructible. With the reasonable price, this seems like a great option for beginners especially, but more advanced players will love the convenience.

Bill Harris: Recording Artist, P. Mauriat Saxophone & JodyJazz Mouthpiece Endorser
I LOVE THESE LIGATURES! These are the best ligatures I've ever tried (and I think I've probably tried them all over the years!). I love the simple design, the ease of use is just fantastic and you can't beat the price! The truly great thing about these ligatures though, is the sound. The first thing I noticed is how free-blowing they are. After playing them a while I realized there was something more to my sound. There is a life to the sound that I first wanted to describe as a buzz (a good thing!) or sizzle and I realized it's just the sound of a totally vibrating reed. I highly recommend these ligatures!

Chester Brezniak: Massachusetts Symphony, Principle Clarinetist, Sao Paulo Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Atlanta Ballet Orchestra
Pure, simple, and stylish, the basic Bois synthetic black ring ligature slips on the mouthpiece easily but with enough firmness to hold the reed in place at slightly below the vamp line of the reed. As a result, one feels more freedom of sound production and more ease in articulation. For its price, it's definitely an excellent ligature, and enhancer of tonal beauty.
Mike Lomax: Lomax Classic Mouthpieces
I enjoyed visiting with you today and having the opportunity to try your new Bois Ligature. I found that it performed very well and allowed the reed to vibrate freely with a nice focused dark tone quality. I believe that the Bois Ligature will be a great boon to both students and professionals alike. Students will be able to afford a high quality performance ligature at an affordable price, that seems to be virtually unbreakable. Professionals will like the ability to fine tune their reed adjustment by altering the angle of contact with the reed. My very best wishes for great success with the Bois Ligature!"
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