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Flavour Reeds
  • Can't get your Students to Practice?
  • Have you ever thought that your reed tastes of last nights gig?
  • Well we have reeds that will brighten your day and make you want to practice longer.
  • With exotic flavours like Pina Colada and Blue Raspberry practicing will never be the same again.
Tenor Saxophone - Various Flavours available
Why Produce Flavoreeds?
OrangeIn the founders’ retail music store, band directors complained that their students were not wetting their reeds thoroughly before placing them on the mouthpieces. Students did not like the taste of cane reeds. The company’s goal was to produce a premium cane reed that played well, eliminated the wood cane taste, and gave the reed a pleasant flavor. After eight years of research, Flavoreeds perfected a method without changing the playing characteristics of a premium reed. Some players have suggested that Flavoreeds play better due to the process, which fills the pores of the reed.

Flavoreeds are produced in 10 different flavors, in five different degrees of strength for Tenor Saxophone.
Tenor sax reeds are packaged in a tripak.

What are the most popular flavors?
Cherry FlavourShortly after we introduced Blue Raspberry, we discovered that some of the blue was bleeding on the lips. We didn't want that so we stopped producing it. However, the small amount in the dealers' inventory was soon depleted and the demand was such that we had to bring it back. It became our best seller. It became "cool" to have slightly blue lips. All the red flavors are the next best sellers: Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Cherry Red, and Watermelon. Cinnamon, which does not have a color, is used by students of band directors who do not want a colored reed in the band. Mint Green and Piña Colada are the more adult flavors. (There is no alcohol in any of our flavors.)

How long does the flavor last?
Grape Flavour It is similar to chewing gum. The flavor gradually dissipates. If the student can't taste the flavor anymore, the band director will usually suggest that it's time to use a new reed. Do Flavoreeds have sugar in them? A small amount of sugar is used as a sweetener. The amount is so small that the amount a player would ingest in one year would be less than the amount of sugar contained in one bowl of corn flakes. All the ingredients used in flavoring Flavoreeds are natural food additives found in baked goods in any supermarket.

Will Flavoreeds harm the instrument?
Strawberry Flavour Flavoreeds should be handled and treated like any other reeds. If the player swabs the instrument and washes the mouthpiece regularly, the instrument will smell clean and there will be no problems. Pads will stick if the instrument is not swabbed no matter what kind of reed is used. How do Flavoreeds compare with other reeds? Because Flavoreeds are especially attractive to students and priced competitively, the assumption is that Flavoreeds are student level reeds. The fact is that Flavoreeds are premium quality reeds. Most of our reeds are made by a well-known manufacturer in Paris from premium cane grown in southern France. Because of the large quantities that we use, we will also buy elsewhere to assure a continuous supply. We only purchase premium cane reeds. Flavoreeds are slightly stiffer than regular Van Doren reeds.

How can the life of a Flavoreed be prolonged?
Rotate the reeds so that there are two or three reeds that have been broken in and ready to play. When a reed is discarded, replace it with a new reed in rotation. Use a reed guard.
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