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Kinder Klari in Eb    
Kinda Klari
by John Denman
John Denman
The Kinder Klari is a Eb Clarinet designed by John Denman for younger players whose hands are not yet big enough to hold a normal size Bb Clarinet correctly.
Unlike other beginner Clarinets - this IS a real Clarinet. We have even sold the Kinder Klari to Professional musicians who need an Eb Clarinet for occasional use.
11 Keys - 40 Percent Smaller
36 Percent Lighter. Weight (without case) 372g
The outfit includes a Tutor book written by John Denman
as well as a case that can be carried as a backpack
  Kinder Klari Tutor book - Inlcuded
John & Paula Denman
with a
Legere Reeds Synthetic Reed
Legere Synthetic Reed
Légère Reeds produces premium synthetic Clarinet and Saxophone reeds. They are used by players in the world's most prestigious orchestras, including both the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras, as well as top session pros in New York and Los Angeles. They produce a big, rich sound, but have all the advantages of a synthetic, instant response, consistant, reliable, tough and long lasting.
Kinder Klari - with Packpack Case
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