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Q-Parts Custom DOME Guitar Knobs
Dome Knobs are the industry standard.
You find them on all major American brands.

Q-Parts Dome knobs are a tad wider for a beter grip and a tad shorter to be less obstructive when using a trem.

Avalable in Chrome, Black Chrome and Gold Plated
A 20 mm
B 15.45 mm
C 16.4 mm
D 6 mm
Dome Acrylic
Simulated Solid and Pearl
Colours in Acrylic
Dome Acrylic Designs
Dome Wood
Exotic Hardwoods
Dome Exotic Wood Designs
Dome Bone
Animal Bone made to simulate Ivory and Horn
Dome Bone Designs
Dome Stone
Authentic Semi- precious stone
Dome Stone Designs
Dome Shell
Authentic Shells from
the Pacific South Seas in
Natural and Tinted Colours
Dome Metal
Die-cast Metal Designs
Dome Metal Designs
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